Career Development Center (CDC) Mentor

Nine Star’s Career Development Center Mentors oversee the daily activities of CDC’s participants. In group settings, unemployed or
underemployed clients are provided with job search and work readiness activities, which are facilitated daily in response to the current
labor marker trends. CDC Mentors collaborate with Work Services Specialists and/or Job Developers in revising case plans and
developing strategies that lead clients into gaining verifiable employment.

1. Implement principles of welfare reform and the work first philosophy.
2. Oversee daily CDC operations and services provided to clients to include tracking and documenting attendance, workshop
participation, and behaviors observed that will impact client’s ability to gain immediate employment.
3. Sign off on daily Job Search (and maintain copies) and Family Self-Sufficiency Plans to direct the activities of clients in moving
toward economic self-sufficiency.
4. Ensure job readiness tools are completed with CDC participants i.e. resumes, cover letters, generic applications, ALEXsys
registration, etc
5. Monitor client activities by review and/or debriefing of daily Job Search log to ensure that employment goals are achieved.
6. Prepare and deliver workshops in job seeking, job enrichment, and job retention skills as well as provide oversight for their delivery
within the Work Services Program.
7. Work with Work Services Specialists to ensure childcare, transportation, and other work related needs are immediately addressed
8. Establish, maintain and review client files as well as prepare data for required reports accurately and in a timely manner.
9. Document and distribute weekly job search logs to the assigned Work Services Specialists
10. Identify and appropriately manage angry or hostile clients in crisis; mediate problem situations as necessary.
11. Identify and refer clients to appropriate community resources for services that address and meet specific needs as identified.
12. Identify and refer clients to training projects that will lead to a higher level of self-sufficiency.
13. Assume an active role in regularly scheduled staff meetings and other meetings as required.
14. Work with other Nine Star Work Services staff as a team leader to collaborate and meet the needs of all clients.
15. Other duties as assigned

1. Possess a college diploma (experience may be substituted)
2. Possess a strong knowledge base of program requirements, policies and procedures
3. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and FileMaker Pro
4. Adept at working independently as well as with team members
5. Hold excellent customer service skills
6. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
7. Able to organize and prioritize a variety of tasks
8. Work with minimal supervision
9. Able to coordinate multiple tasks and follow-up in spite of frequent interruptions
10. Maintain a professional attitude with enthusiasm and dependability
11. Exercise time management skills
12. Willing to take on new tasks with an eagerness to learn new skills


HOURS OF WORK: Varies according to client needs and staff schedules.

I have read and understood all requirements of this job description. I understand that this job description will be reviewed at each bi-
annual personnel evaluation and a new job description issued when there are major changes to the above outlined duties.

Please fax your resume to LV at 644-9925 or email it to and